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Prosec® – Skin Stapler



Prosec – Skin Stapler which is simple and reasonably designed and easy to operate. It sews up rapidly and is very reliable. No operational training is required. Staples with different external diameters and width can apply to sewing different operation incision. The sewing time is short and minimizes occurring of complication, and reduce operation cost. The range is sterilized with ETO.

Product Details:

Type Wide 0.6mm Wire Diameter
Type Regular 0.55mm Wire Diameter
Span Regular 5.9 mm
Span Wide 7.2 mm
Leg Length Regular 3.9 mm
Leg Length Regular 4.9 mm
Packing – Prosec Skin Stapler Box of 5
Packing – Staple Remover Box of 20


General Surgery, Heart and Bosom Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Burn Surgery, Neuron surgery, Bone Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Oncology Surgery, Field Rescue, Emergency Treatment

Distinctive Features:

  • Easy staple extraction
  • Superior cosmetic results – promotes blood supply and faster scar-free healing
  • Minimizes staple rotation
  • Uncompromised visibility, comfort and control
  • Staples are coated with lubricant


  • The Prosec Skin Stapler has application for routine skin closure in a wide variety of surgical procedures.
Code Description
LPSS Prosec Skin Stapler
LSR Staple Remover